Thursday, 16 October 2014

Day 2/7 The spaghetti test

Have you ever been famished beyond sanity and wanted a quick but wholesome home cooked meal to go right away? Today i found myself in that same situation with my insides churning as the hunger seemed to rise from the bottom of my stomach. It felt like my stomach enzymes were more active than usual today of all days; or was that only my ulcer talking. 

Anyway i digress, unfortunately i had one quick meet and greet before i could settle for a bite but i was fortunate enough that this meet and greet was a drop by a friends residence. On confessing how hungry i was, Mat my long lost friend pulled out a batch of uncooked spaghetti packet and began to whip up a meal. So as i sat down and opened my documents and laptop we progressed on the business front as he got busy in kitchen. 

After about 3 minutes, it finally sank in that this man was actually cooking a quick meal from scratch or so i though until i walked in his direction and saw him pull out a fully cooked frozen batch of fried liver stew – yes it was edible.
The spaghetti had now come to a boil and he waited a couple of minutes before asking me this random question;

Mat: ‘Do you think the spaghetti is ready?’

Me: ‘I don’t know, how long has it been on the stove at a boil?’

Mat: ‘Enough, how do you know when it is ready?’

Me: ‘I taste it.’

With no warning, Mat got a fork and picked up a strand of spaghetti from the boiling pot and flung it on his tiled wall and it stuck to it like glue sticks to paper.

Me: ‘You are kidding me, so that is the test. So when it sticks to the wall it is ready and when it does not it is still raw. So where did you learn that from.’

My Scandinavian neighbors taught me the trick and sure enough when i tasted the spaghetti it was ready. So i briefly thought about it before my meal was served and placed in front of me; cutlery and all with an aroma from the liver that i could not have imagined possible from this towering giant of a man. Suffice to say that i will never judge a book by its cover and this was one of my favourite meetings ever as we sat down to discuss his marketing plan for his artwork.

Ladies a new breed of man has been unearthed - the well adjusted domesticated kind. Potayto – potato who cares how it is pronounced, the bottom line is he got the job done and my stomach is much happier for it.

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