Thursday, 12 January 2017

The hustle of selling data in this Ugandan economy.

Given my profession as a marketer, manager, blogger, student and digital enthusiast, my circle of life is greatly driven by internet and data service. However, the dilemma is that it is extremely difficult to get a reliable provider at an affordable rate.

Vodafone is my current service provider, however, recently I went to DFCU Acacia branch for my usual weekly ATM withdrawal when I run into a Smile telecom agent with his assistant. The 2 agents set up a promo tent right next to the entrance of the bank. Ordinarily, I would have walked past this tent with not even a glance but this time there was a new and enthusiastic agent who was on a mission to sign me up for their service.

Smile Agent: ‘’Hello, could I interest you in a smile router?’’

Me: ‘’No thank you,’’ I politely responded.

Smile Agent: ‘’We have awesome packages both for office and personal use at affordable rates. You look like a good candidate for a weekend bundle package.’’

Me: ‘’No, I already have a provider and I have no complaints.’’

Smile Agent: ‘’Which provider?’’

Me: ‘’Vodafone.’’

Smile Agent: ‘’Well the thing is I have you ever tried Smile?’’

Me: ‘’Yes I have and I had an issue with your connection at home, frequent outages during peak (working) hours and an inconvenient recharge process.’’

Smile Agent: ‘’Wow, very detailed feedback. When did you last use our service?’’

Me: ‘’ A year and a half ago.’’

Smile Agent: ‘’Well that was a long time ago and our system has greatly improved since then. Also, Vodafone offers are too good to be true.’’

Me: ‘’Hahaha! Well I have no complaints.’’

Smile Agent: ‘’ Give me your number and I check whether your device is still active.’’
Me: ‘’Why would I do that?’’

Smile Agent: ‘’So that when they finally let you down you can come back home.’’

Me: ‘’Really! ‘’ I responded in shock mainly because of the underhand tactics being employed by this sales man.

Me: ‘’ So smile is home?’’

Smile Agent: ‘’Yes totally, take my number so that when that happens you can come back home.
That day I left the bank stunned at how cut throat the sales in the internet (data) service industry had become since I last worked for an advertising agency and was glad I did not have to hustle with the rest of these salesmen today.

I am still waiting to see when I can finally go back home since this chance meeting with this salesman 8 months ago.

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