Friday, 31 July 2015

The Corporate job broker

As my week came to an end last Friday afternoon, I made my way to Ssebankyayis one of my favourite local food restaurants in Wandegeya for a late lunch. I was fortunate to sit down next to 2 middle aged gentlemen who were engaged in an amicable conversation as they ate their lunch. I chose to use the word fortunate given the tone of the conversation from these 2 gentlemen.

Gent 1: “Hello, yes sebo. (Hello, yes sir)
Get me 5 more containers of the big size like the other one I ordered for my shipment from Dubai. Do not worry about the payment, my client is a very wealthy Mukiga. He has the money to pay.” he said as he hung up his mobile.

Gent 2: “Eh so I can see business is good.”

Gent 1: “Yes, it is not bad. Haha bwentyo naye how are things?” (Haha so it is but how are things)

Gent 2: “Ahh am waiting to hear from the other guy I told you about.”

Gent 1: “Which one?”

Gent 2: “Oli guy owa Movit deal.” (The other guy of the Movit deal)

Gent 1: “Ohh so he is sorting out your job issue?”

Gent 2: “Yes, oli guy oba he has inside information! Whenever he applies for a job or tells you to apply, the person gets it as long as you follow his instructions and he gets his dimes.” (Dimes - money)

Gent 1: “Eh, so what position is he getting for you?”

Gent 2: “Regional Manager for Movit.”

Gent 1: “Ehh now, how much is that going to cost you,… Zibera meka?” he asked as soup slipped down the edge of his mouth and he briskly wiped up. (How much does it cost?)

Gent 2: “5 million.”

Gent 1: “Eh, kale naye you will make that back mangu. If he is a sure deal why not.” (Eh, okay but you will make that back quickly)

As I listened to this I was amused right until the 5 million Ugx was mentioned. What made me pay attention was the manner in which such a sum was casually thrown around in this conversation. But that aside the gist of it all is that the nature of our corporate work scene requires the job seeker to either have inside information or leverage for employment to be secured. 

What happened to your eligibility being gauged using your track record or having an outstanding resume. If things are this bad what are we doing to the next generation’s workforce, how will they perform, just think of the problems we are creating at every level.
While I pondered on these things, the 2 gentlemen decided they had had enough of their luwombo and abruptly got up and stormed off as they picked their teeth in a great deal of merriment. Oh Uganda!

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