Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Long hair or no hair.

I often thought that the more an individual was educated that the rate of his idiotic utterances would gravely decline, however it seems to be the contrary. 

As you all know  I recently cut my hair short after 8 years and have been privy a great deal of banter from the general public but never did I expect the same kind of ridicule from any of my educated peers.

Colleague: (pulls me aside away from everyone) “Joyce, I always wanted to ask you from the first time I saw you walk into the room.”

Me: “Why?”                             
Colleague: “Your hair.”

Me: “What about my hair?”

Colleague: “I mean its short, why would you cut off all your hair? I mean look at all the ladies in this room with their long hair. Or did you want to stand out.”

Me: “Because I wanted to and I needed a break from it.”

Colleague: “Break! But hair is the crowning glory of a woman it is what makes a woman come to life.”

Me: “There is more to a woman than just her hair look at it from that point of view.”

Colleague: “So why did you really cut your hair?”

Me: “Because I needed to let myself breathe from all the strain of chemicals, 3 - 4 hour long plaiting and un-plaiting sessions. Oh and my hair was long shoulder length and thick so I would spend an extra hour in the dryer. Did you know that we literally pay people to inflict pain on us to look good?”

Colleague: (A grin crossed his lips) “Okay but at least you look good in the process.”
Me: “Oh so why do you keep your hair short?”

Colleague: “In my case when my hair grows long it browns and is curly and uncontrollable.”

Me: “When it is long it is thick and nice and pretty awesome but don’t I get to choose whether or not I keep my hair short as well.”

Colleague: “Yes but women are supposed to have long hair.”

Me: “Where is that written down as law, a woman should not keep her hair sort, yada yada yada …….. that is not a reason. I mean older women for instance cut their hair as they grow older to look younger. That is a reason.”

Colleague: “Oh so is that it, do you want to look younger?"

Me: “I have no need to look young.”

Colleague: “Oh so is that you want to stand out or no you want attention.”

I did not response I simply smiled and walked away because I had to stop myself from speaking my mind and do not worry it would not have been anything pleasant.

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