Friday, 13 December 2013

Campuser meets Office Lobby

Many a time i have sat in a company lobby waiting my turn to see a friend, an employee or even a   manager, but never have i been so disgusted as i was today. I walked into the lobby past the seating area which was rather full; straight to the front desk at the reception  to get some assistance from the pleasant and polite admin lady.

Me: "Hello, good morning"

Receptionist: "Good morning to you!" (In a very professional manner)

Me: "i am here to see ........."

Receptionist: "He has not come in as yet, but you can wait or come back later."

Me: "No problem i will wait, thank you."

As i walked to take a seat i realized that there was nowhere to sit in the main area so i resorted to sitting on one of the stools along the wall that seemed more decorative than functional. However, i did ask the receptionist before i sat down as to whether that was fine and she said it was ok.

There were 3 young ladies seated on 2 sofa sets with their hand bags turned inside out as they frantically scribbled on sheets of paper in front of them. They conferred  one to another from time to time comparing notes about what they were doing to make sure they were on the same page, i ignored them for the next  4 or so minutes until another lady came to meet them from within the office pool area. She flew past me to them and spoke in hushed tones but was visibly agitated asking them one thing then another as she brushed aside on sheet of paper then another as if searching for a hidden diamond beneath it all.

She finally threw all caution to the wind and spoke in a relatively elevated tone, enough for me to make out what it was she was saying.

Young Office Lady: "You where is your passport photo, naye  gwe tobera fala!" (in an excited but agitated tone)

Friend 1: "Here,  ahhh let me look for it in my bag."

As she further dug into different compartments of her hand bag for that which had suddenly gone missing in between all the clutter strewn across half of the seat that she shared with the other young lady - a friend i presumed.

Young Office Lady: "Get it and also finish up your application letter.. banange you have to hurry so i can take  them and slip them into the pile."

Friend 1 : "Ok ok  here everything is."

The young office lady took a few documents from her and hurried off but returned in a few minutes after noticing that she had forgotten an academic testimonial and also needed to collect other 2 ladies documents for submission. With her constant scurrying around it was hard not to  notice them in the waiting area as half whispered and giggled

Friend 2: "Take mine i have finished with the letter."

Young Office Lady: "Where have you been, you are so late?"

5 minutes later the door opens and another of the 3 musketeers walks in with a very relaxed demeanor and with a white envelope in hand.I realized that i was not  the only one who had noticed all this activity but no one seemed to mind as they went about their business and caused a mini traffic jam to the kitchen in a bid to get their mid-morning coffee. My mouth dropped open in shock for in that second it all came to me.

Friend 3: "I got lost but i have everything all together i am also done and take Mary's as well."

Young Office Lady: "Did you do CV, Transcript, Application Letter,..."

Friend 3: "I do not need a letter but i have everything else."

Then the bickering started as she argued with the young office lady about whether she really needed to write a letter of application to attach to the accompanying documents. Eventually the young office lady won and the 3rd friend quickly scribbled down a letter without much thought or care within 5 minutes.  The young office lady must have been an employee of the establishment and these 3 other friends of hers were fresh out of  the university looking for employment as well. All the hush scurrying around was because their friend must have had inside information a job opening and was getting their CV's and document submitted by the famous - back door approach.

As i was deep in thought i was nudged in the arm by the 2nd friend who had stretched to ask me a question.

Friend 2: "Ah.......... good morning."

Me: "Good morning to you!"

Friend 2: "Do you know what this place is called?"

Me: "Sil......."

Friend 2: "Silico.."

Me: "No Sil....., they are................"(As i repeated the name to her once more and explained what it was they did exactly)

Friend 2: " Ehh....., I have heard about them. I hope i get."

This young lady had indeed submitted her CV and other documents only 15 minutes ago for a position in this organization and yet she did not even know what it was called. After my meeting I walked out through the very same lobby and found all 3 still waiting to get audience of some sort with another party for an interview i presumed or something of the like - but i was shocked. All that came to mind was, i wonder what my children will learn when they go to the university and i passed all of them on my way out as they went back to their smart phones and tweeted and face booked away.
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