Thursday, 19 December 2013

4:00 am visitor

I often write about humorous aspects of life that I chance upon on my travels or amusing discoveries I make while making my way in this world. But allow me to steer away from this for this moment to tell you a tale that amused, shocked and frightened all in one go.


It was a night like no other as I watched my favorite cooking show as women do while lying on the couch as I sipped a cup of strong tea to ready me for sleep only that I did not get that far. Feeling too tired to get myself to bed I decided to nap for a while on the sofa as I bargained with my will to muster up the energy to carry me to bed.  I was soon out like a baby from a warm shower on a bottle after being hyper active for the entire day.


In the thick of the night I came to consciousness for a brief couple of seconds to turn in the sofa in which I now lay only to pick up sounds in the background. For a moment, a part of thought I was hearing things as they were so low they were almost inaudible to pick up. My brain quickly started to filter out every single sound in the entire house allocating to whichever home appliance may still be on or item such as fridge, phone, TV, door squeaking you get the point. Only that this time the TV was off as I had turned it off before I dozed off, the doors were all locked as I had grown accustomed to doing so that did not squeak in the night and my mobile phone was on silent.

I became even more attentive and listened to all the sounds outside trying to convince myself that I was hearing things and I should go back to sleep. Only that this time when I isolated all the other sounds I could hear silent screeching from outside, my paranoia kicked in and I tip toed to the window as if  not to scare whatever and whoever was outside. I honestly did not think I would find anything as I first looked at my car right outside the window and it seemed pretty intact only for my gut feeling to kick in as I went to the extreme end and took a look in the direction of my neighbor next doors’ car. I did it almost as an afterthought while I was pulling away from the window only to be shocked at what my eyes had come across.


There was a lean framed young man in fitting clothes comprising of a yellow shirt with a maroon sweater and navy blue skinny jeans peering through the glass of his car. I was so stunned by his boldness because there was a security light just above him. All I could muster at the time was to hit the window violently so that he was made aware that I had seen him but I did not utter a word since I am not the uber- feminine type who ululate and scream. He ducked to get cover and disappeared from sight as he waited it out until an hour later when I was asleep - or so he thought.

I waited for the inhabitants of the house and car I was defending to come out and walk around and aid me in ensuring that we show our presence so that the thief/ thieves would not come back but no one did.

But owing to my adrenaline boost, I could not go back to my sleep that was so rudely interrupted by him at 3:00am. I transferred my duvet from the room and laid it out on the living room carpet and waited to make sure that he indeed was gone.


Again I hear the little almost nonexistent sounds I had heard once that were now all too familiar and yet still easy to miss. I walked silently to the window and peeked through once again only this time what I saw was a little different but more dramatic. The lean gentleman of the night had found his way to the inside of the car and was in the passenger seat with a flash light busy at work. My adrenaline turned to rage at how impudent this lad was - he really had the nerve to actually come back a second time. Now this time I hit the window so hard I thought I would break through the glass and this time I screamed.

Me: “Gwe! Gwe!”

Thief: …… (Continues to flash his light in the car as he attempts to continue work both quickly and silently)

I do not think he heard me so I stepped it up a notch as I was a bit of a distance away from him and the fact that he was in a car did not help.

Me: Eh gwe mumotoka, nkulaba

Thief: “………….”  (He looked in the general direction of the voice he was hearing for a few seconds and then began to exit the car)

Me: “Vamumotoka gwe, gwe, gwe, nkulaba ngenda okuyita polisi bakutwale.”

Now this threat would have been very non-threatening aside from the fact that we have a police post about 250 meters from our house, so I can see why he ran off.

Thief: “…………”


The thief exited the car and closed the door rather gently as if not to wake its owners who were dead asleep and then he covered his face with his hand and passed under the window from which I watched him and run behind the house. Had I not heard a thud a few seconds later I would not have been a little reassured that he had scaled the over the back wall and run off. I did call the police and they instructed the police post closest to us to come to check it out, they never did.

I lay awake up until daylight and woke up my neighbors’ so that they could check and access the damage done the previous night since they did not even come out to support me when I was chasing away a thug from making off with their car parts. I was shocked at how calm she was almost frustrated and defeated at the thought that she had yet another part to replace and said my husband will replace it. She has been robbed before and it was actually when she had a guard around so she fired him, so it poses the question – how safe are we this festive season if they policemen at these police posts cannot even care for their respective zones and divisions.

Must we first loose our lives!


PS: I am still waiting for the police to come and check out the scene of the crime, let’s hope that they do sometime this year or I may have a thief sleeping right next to my window pretty soon.
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