Monday, 18 May 2015

#SolomeMay1st Committee Luncheon Banter

May has been an extremely busy month with a great deal of good stuff going on, for instance one notable event was the Solome May 1st concert that was completely sold out. 
It was such a pleasure being a part of the behind the scenes team that came together to make it happen, so that all the 750 guests who made it to the show at Golf Course hotel had a great time.

The most interesting aspect about this team was that it was non conventional, with each member being added due to their expertise and not whether they knew each other.
I must say it was an interesting 3 and a half month ride in preparation for the May 1st concert and it is hard to think that complete strangers would turn out to be such a great team. 

These are the thoughts that run through my mind as I sat at a table of 20 people at the Kampala Serena Hotel last Sunday and watched the committee/ production team enjoy a sumptuous meal together as stories were shared and bonds forged.

The hilarious chit chat by the bachelors in between the re-pilling of their lunch plates with tidbits from the buffet style spread provided by the Kampala Serene hotel, was unexpected but very welcome. And as the meal progressed from starters’, mid-main the course as the 2 interesting young lads who were part of the team decided to partake of a glass of Champagne each. 

This was when the chairman decided to take a jab at these lads since they had grown increasingly jovial and vocal after nearly finishing their drinks.

Committee Chairman: Hello, sebo you might need a speed governor with that Champagne.”

Sound man: “No it is under control,” he responded with a grin on his face.

Committee Chairman: “Eh are you sure, so how are getting home, who is driving?”

We all paused as we watched the chairman who sat in the middle of the table, waiting for a response from these 2 young men who sat across from him since he now had our attention.

Sound man: “The boda man!” he responded.

With this response, half the table of 20 plus people burst into laughter some managing their excitement in order not to choke on the pieces of food that were already in their mouths for fear of having them lodged in their wind pipes.

Committee Chairman: “Alright Paul and Silas,” he called out to the 2 young lads as new nick names as I steadied myself and recovered from this joke, only for the gentleman sitting across from me to return to his seat.

Me: “Wow, I can see the soup you went back for…..”

Production Crew Lad: “Yes, of course but then I had to come back with some chapatti as well.”

Me: “Uhh hmmm!”

Production Crew Lad: “You know they look quite many since they are all stacked up on one side but these are only 2 chapattis.”

Me: “Of course,” I said in response as a brief smirk flashed across my face.”

I thought back to my recent visit to Busoga where I did not have an opportunity to sample chapattis which the region is well known for.

Me: “So why do you love chapatti so much, is it a favorite?”

Production Crew Lad: “Yes it is, have you tasted it?”

Me: “Yes.”

Make up Lady: “So what happens when you cannot find any, do you know how to make it?”
Production Crew Lad: “Of course.”

I was a little surprised with this response because men do not usually learn how to cook their favorite dish but as I was mentally processing this the conversation kept going.

Make up Lay: “So madam will have to know how to make them.”

Me: “Yes, is it a do or die situation.”

Production Crew Lad: “Yes, it is the deal breaker.”

As my mind briefly wondered off yet again, we delved into the desert which everyone stacked on their side plates until they was no more room left. The bachelors were bold enough to return to the buffet table for seconds as they took a fancy to the marshmallows which they dipped in the chocolate fountain. 

Cream Brulee Desert- Kampala Serene Hotel

By the time we were done, “Paul” and “Silas” (the butt of every joke from the chairman) were laughing at the top of their lungs high on too much sugar and Champagne.
This experience taught me that there is so much that you can learn from people when food is in the equation it really loosens them up and allows you to see a different side to them - especially men.

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