Friday, 5 September 2014

The well mannered Photographer

After a very entertaining tale on the photographer who was hungrier than the wedding guests, I thought it only prudent to share with you another experience. 

This is so as to give you a different experience which paired with your own will allow you to make a more balanced judgment of how to deal with your own service providers.

It was a bright but chilly morning of yet another wedding and this time was a little different because I was part of the bridal party; a role I had only played once before when I was 6 years old. So here we were the entire entourage all in one house (the hair and makeup lady’s home) with a great deal of activity going on. Half of us were getting our hair styled along with makeup while the rest were having breakfast and all this was taking place at the wee hours of the morning. Now since I was out of the rhythm of all this, it had slipped my mind that the photographers would be arriving about 30 minutes before we would be leaving  for the church service and low and behold they did. The assistant photographer walked into the dressing room while speaking on the phone in a very agitated tone that was only confirmed a few moments later after I had paid attention to the entire monologue.

Assistant Photographer: “Yes I am here,” he said convincingly to someone on the other end of the line.

I did not understand what was going on quite yet until I listened further to the conversation that ensued.

Assistant Photographer: “Kitufu I am here I can even see the mugole… Yes…. You want to talk to her?” He continued to convince the individual on the other side of the line that he was indeed where he claimed to be.

Bridal guide: “What is the matter sebo, I need to get the entire bridal party dressed.” This was since all our makeup had only been finished but at this point I finally added two and two together and it all made sense.

Me: “Hahaha that person on the other end of the phone wanted confirmation that the photographer had indeed arrived,” I explained to the bridal guide.

It was at this point just as I said those words that the assistant photographer walked right up to the bride and handed over the phone.

Bride: “Hello, good morning, yes he has arrived…..” she responded as she continued to giggle hysterically. “Ah okay bambi I hope they did not stress you but yes they have arrived.”

Lesson learnt: So the moral of the story is every bride needs someone like this to manage and crack the whip whenever there is a need to so that she can enjoy her day without any interruption.

A couple of photographs were taken of the bridal party without the bride but while the photographers waited for her to put on her veil.  I asked if they were okay and had found the place with no trouble.

Me: “I hope you are okay.”

Assistant Photographer: “Yes we are.” Now the main photographer was still on the phone and this is why his friendly assistant was answering all the questions.

Main Photographer: “ neda ajatusanga  ku kanisa,” he said and then paused while removing the phone from his ear. “No, we are hungry,” he said in response to my question.

Me: “Oh so sorry to hear that, so am I!” I responded as I had not yet eaten my breakfast but the defiance on his face when I gave him that answer made me smile from within.

Lesson 2: Be very clear, firm but polite with your service providers so that they after all they are not family and they also need to remember who is boss. This sets the tone for the rest of the entire day.

Most of the day went seamlessly with this service provider and by the time we got to garden photographs I had warmed up to them when I realized they were actually doing a good job. They also handled the children in the bridal party so I shared my pre packed afternoon snack which was also a sandwich with them. They were pleasantly surprised but only the assistant said thank you.

 I guess we all know whose mother taught him manners.

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